About UBS

UBS – Utility Billing Systems provides professional utility billing services for multifamily communities. UBS helps property owners maximize recovery of their utility expenses with minimum effort on their part. UBS interfaces with the property management software transparently, enabling meticulous management, maintenance of accurate records, on-time resident billing and in general higher collections ratios. UBS also acts as a buffer to handle tenant issues as required. Some general features are as follows:

  • Reliable On-time service
  • Out of mind operation – We completely take over all Utility billing. One address for all inquiries.
  • All Utilities covered – Includes Water, Electric, and Gas billing; RUBS or metered
  • Seamless interface – We interface with your system software automatically, or other methods if required.
  • We handle tenant issues  – Keeps the residents and therefore the owners happy.
  • Bill consolidation (Convergent Billing Capability) – We can include all resident billing, including rents, fees, balances etc. into a single bill.
  • Partial month billing – We take the headache out of partial month move-ins and provide on line or automated move-out servicing.
  • Win–Win situation – Both Owner and resident come out winning with our service.
  • Continuous liaison – Ongoing monitoring is provided to lower utility costs and to improve utility expense recovery.